Nicola Simpson Executive Coach & Career Coach - You can do great things!
Nicola Simpson Executive Coach & Career Coach – You can do great things!

Nicola Simpson Corporate In-House Resident Executive Coach Service

I also offer an in-house resident executive coach service for organisations coaching executives, at all levels, working with the organisation ensuring the outcomes and deliverables are aligned with both the individual’s and organisation’s own goals.

Organisations hire my Coaching services so their executives may benefit from the advantages of working with an external coach. For example, with many years’ business experience I am regarded as a peer, someone who not only understands the business context, but also the many challenges encountered from my own professional experience.  This creates a trusted environment were the client can speak freely, explore options and make decisions, resulting in more impactful outcomes for the individual and their organisation. 

Like my private practice, my work with organisations is flexible and transparent, this means I am able to quickly assist all your executive coaching needs personally and directly – delivering services when, where and how required with minimal administration. As a result, you save both time and money by working directly with me and enjoy the benefits of a long-term business relationship. What is more, my location at 60 Cannon Street, makes my services even more accessible for those working in and around the City of London.

I deliver coaching services to executives on behalf of organisations, to:

  • Support new and emerging leaders as they transition into leadership and senior leadership position
  • Help manage complex stakeholder relationships
  • Work with individuals on key areas of challenge, such as building confidence and enhancing communication skills
  • Support the on-boarding of mid/senior executives as they tackle their first 90 days
  • To assist during the restructuring of teams
  • Support returning to work after maternity leave
  • Support an Executive moving to an overseas role
  • For those exiting the organisation, I provide bespoke outplacement career and executive coaching support tailored for each individual (as opposed to a generic off the shelf solution)

Executive coaching can be based at the organisation’s own office(s) or at my office (60 Cannon Street, EC4N 6NP) or through a combination. I would be delighted to discuss your requirements and how I can help. For more information please contact me.

B2B Case Study 1 – The New Senior Executive

I received an enquiry from a London-based PLC who were seeking a coach to work with an newly appointed Senior Executive. The organisation were keen to position the coaching as their investment in, and commitment to the development of this individual. My services included a 360-review followed by a series of coaching sessions focused on the key performance areas identified. As an external coach I brought the benefit of my professional experience into the coaching relationship, making it easier for the Senior Executive to be completely open and honest about their strengths, development areas and career challenges. As a result, the overall coaching experience was more impactful for both the individual and organisation.

B2B Case Study 2 – The Senior Executive Communication Breakdown

An organisation enquired about my executive coaching services and whether I could help a senior executive who was struggling with confidence and communication skills. I subsequently ran a couple of sessions with this individual who made rapid progress. The coaching enabled us to understand and work on the key issues in a neutral and non-judgemental environment. As a result the client was able to take the practical steps necessary to help improve his overall performance. 

Outplacement Coaching

I also work with companies to help their employees during a redundancy situation offering a quality outplacement executive and career coaching service. I will guide them through all the steps required to help them get back to work as soon as possible. This is something I really care about.

Larger outplacement firms will tell you they have networks they can join as a reason to sign up with them for outplacement services. In fact I remain sceptical about the value of this as part of a coaching offering, as the power of any network is dependent upon the quality and relevance of the connections within it. It is my experience that such networks often contain more people looking for jobs than hiring, of course, if there is data to show otherwise (i.e. a positive correlation) then I am happy to stand corrected(!) I advocate clients build their network organically – focusing on building quality rather than quantity of connections. You will need to decide whether your soon to be ex-employees hanging out with other people also looking for a job is more important to them than going with the best executive coach.

So, that we are clear I am working for the individual and not the company. If a HR department wants a churn and burn outplacement service just try Google as there are plenty that charge a lot more than me. Thanks

Gold Service

My £500 fixed price package includes 1 x 90 minute + 2 x 60 minute face to face coaching sessions at my 60 Cannon Street office and a full CV review / LinkedIn Optimisation.  

  • Session 1: What next? Determining your career goals, future aspirations and options
  • Session 2: How will you get there? Job research, working with recruiters, using social media
  • Session 3: How to succeed at interview? Interview skills and techniques, rehearsal and polish

Platinum Service

  • A £1,400 premium package tailored to the individual and delivered over an extended period. Highly recommended for executive level individuals.
  • CV Review & LinkedIn Optimisation (1 x 60 minute session + email feedback)
  • Career planning and job search (1 x 90 minute + 2 x 60 minute coaching sessions)
  • Interview preparation (1 x 90 minute coaching session) 
  • Mastering Interview Sessions (3 x 90 minute pre-interview coaching sessions)
  • Unlimited email/telephone coaching support 

Brand / B2B and Direct Marketing Consultant

I also act in the capacity of a marketing consultant. You can also take advantage of my significant marketing skills and experience.

  • Entrepreneurs Marketing: I run marketing clinics for entrepreneurs. I love working with entrepreneurs. Their enthusiasm is infectious, the positive attitude brilliant and their ideas great. However, marketing always seems to be the skill they are lacking the most and yet it is the most important. That is if you want to generate maximum revenues.
  • Marketing Consultant: If you need something done fast you can parachute me in and I will execute the task with maximum efficiency.
  • Marketing Trouble Shooter: That said, trouble shooting is really my speciality… this is where I get to develop and apply strategy (something I also love doing). I have come across so many marketing departments that just refuse to change and evolve and continue to do the same thing as “that’s the way it has always been done“. Consequently, there is typically either no staff turnover (bad) or 100% turnover (also bad) and young marketeers leaving the industry dejected, the latter, which really annoys me as someone who teaches marketing to undergraduates at Birkbeck, University of London. That just throttles the business, impacts revenues, stifles innovation and just gets the rest of the stakeholders’ backs up.

However, I can only help companies who want to help themselves and if you are prepared to do that then hire me. If not, please don’t. I have had my fill of companies who say they want to change, I land and I discover that change is the LAST thing they want to do. So, if you have got this far and have a particular marketing challenge or requirement then give me a call and we can have a chat.

Customised Learning Solutions

Transparent, flexible and impactful learning solutions may be designed in collaboration with corporate partners. We begin by diagnosing the knowledge or skills gap and then work together to develop learning objectives. Learning solutions are designed and delivered to meet your objectives, fully customised to your organisational culture and practice.

The benefits of customised learning solutions include:

• Enhanced individual & team performance
• Acquisition and application of new knowledge & skills to drive innovation
• Improved efficiency and effectiveness across organisation

My Approach…. Experience, Reflection, and Action!

Embedded into the design and delivery of customised learning solutions is a distinctive and practical approach, centred on the learner. At the heart of this approach are three main elements Experience, Reflection, and Action! A pre-learning focus on Context and post-learning emphasis on Evaluation completes the five-step method* used, as outlined below:

Context – pre-programme, learning is designed to take into consideration the needs of the individual, their environment, background and organisational context.

Experience – during the programme, learners are encouraged to actively engage by bringing their prior knowledge, skills and experience into the teaching and learning process.

Reflection – key to this approach, learners are encouraged to become more reflective, so they more deeply understand what they have learned and the implications of this knowledge for their organisation and individual professional practice.

Action – during the programme, learners are moved beyond knowledge to action, their commitment to deciding their next steps and moving forward is a key part of the learning process.

Evaluation – post-programme, outcomes are evaluated at key intervals to gain a deeper understanding of the impact of the learning upon the individual, their organisation and others.

Drawing upon my extensive experience in higher and executive education, I design and deliver innovative, inspiring and impactful learning solutions. For more information enquire today at

*Based on the Ignatian Pedagogic Paradigm (IPP)