Mind the Gap

Nicola Simpson Executive Coach and Career Coach
Nicola Simpson Executive Coach and Career Coach

The gap between where you are now and where you want to be can be hard to navigate

Many fall into the trap of believing that their MBA, or the latest self-help book, or a water-cooler chat with a colleague will fix their issue.  While all of these options offer benefits, many of these dim when compared with the illumination and inspiration that Executive Coaching can bring, just think about it…

Academic knowledge is not enough!

Superior academic knowledge is simply not enough to ensure success in today’s business environment, where competition for the top jobs is high and the field of talent is global and mobile. Whereas once getting a desirable senior role was considered the goal, and a measure of your professional success, today it is your starting point. What happens next, who you are as a leader, how you lead yourself and others are key to not only retaining your job but to continually developing yourself and creating a positive and lasting legacy for others. This is your challenge!

Responding to this challenge requires a more holistic approach and commitment to your ongoing professional development. Why? Because challenges in life are inevitable. While some are planned (e.g. job change) others arrive unexpectedly (e.g. redundancy). What matters is how you deal with these challenges when they occur, so you can recognise where you are and how you are, and take control of your own experience and outcomes.

Self-help or coaching?

How long are you prepared to wait before taking action? How stressed, overwhelmed, frustrated are you going to allow yourself to become? Does living the same day over and over again with the same nagging problem or issue bring you peace? Engaging a coach will help you move forward with your challenge much more quickly than working through things on your own. As an executive, your time is quite simply your most precious commodity, and maintaining high performance is your priority. You simply can’t afford to waste your time and resources on temporary self-help fixes. Let coaching lead you to the heart of the matter – fast. Don’t procrastinate or wait until you are in the grip of a personal or professional upheaval; put your well-being at the top of your to-do list and engage me as your executive coach or career coach and let’s fix it. 

Who can you confide in?

When we experience issues or challenges in life it can be difficult to know to whom we can confide. We don’t always want to burden friends or family with our problems, and we certainly don’t want to alert our colleagues because even our most trusted contacts can become our competitors. As your confidant, I am completely neutral and offer a non-judgemental, confidential space in which you may discuss any problems or issues of particular importance to you. Leadership can be isolating and lonely and yet everyone needs someone they can confide in; I am a natural confidant and trusted colleague to many business leaders and I am ready to support you too.

Be in NO doubt – executive coaching is a powerful process to help you get ahead and stay ahead of your competition, as well as navigate the ongoing, inevitable challenges of life.