Case Studies

Nicola Simpson Executive Coach & Career Coach - You can do great things!
Nicola Simpson Executive Coach & Career Coach – You can do great things!

Nicola Simpson Executive Coach and Career Coaching Case Studies

Case 1 – Career Acceleration

An early-career executive approached me for coaching as she was seeking to accelerate her career within her organisation. She discussed her vision for the type of role she was seeking and together we explored different employment scenarios. Coaching helped her to clarify her goals and develop a plan of action. Crucially, it helped her to see how she could to leverage her MBA studies to build connections, access projects, solve organisational problems and, thereby, achieve the network and credibility required to achieve promotion.

B2B Case Study 1 – The New Senior Executive

I received an enquiry from a London-based PLC who were seeking a coach to work with an newly appointed Senior Executive. The organisation were keen to position the coaching as their investment in, and commitment to the development of this individual. My services included a 360-review followed by a series of coaching sessions focused on the key performance areas identified. As an external coach I brought the benefit of my professional experience into the coaching relationship, making it easier for the Senior Executive to be completely open and honest about their strengths, development areas and career challenges. As a result, the overall coaching experience was more impactful for both the individual and organisation.

Case 2 – Career Change

A high-performing and ambitious business executive came to see me. He held an impressive track record of having set-up and run successful businesses across a range of sectors and geographic markets, and yet once the thrill of the start-up had passed he felt a diminishing sense of job satisfaction.  Consequently, he was seeking a new, more fulfilling career path and needed coaching to help him discern the options available to him and the actions he would need to take to move forward. He fed-back that the coaching really helped him to clarify his thinking about the type of work he wanted to do, and to plan and prioritise his longer-term career goals and actions.

B2B Case Study 2 – The Senior Executive Communication Breakdown

An organisation enquired about my executive coaching services and whether I could help a senior executive who was struggling with confidence and communication skills. I subsequently ran a couple of sessions with this individual who made rapid progress. The coaching enabled us to understand and work on the key issues in a neutral and non-judgemental environment. As a result the client was able to take the practical steps necessary to help improve his overall performance. 

Case 3 – The Senior Executive’s First 90 Days

A client came to see me who had recently been appointed into a Senior Executive position at a new company. The role was a significant step-up and he recognised the benefits that coaching would bring to help him navigate some of the challenges ahead, including embedding a commercial mindset, restructuring the team, influencing internal politics and more. My role was to serve as a soundboard, to challenge his thinking and to hold him accountable for delivering on the goals he had set himself for his first 90 days and beyond. The coaching was so beneficial that he recommended my services to his organisation. 

Case 4 – Entrepreneurship

A new business entrepreneur sought my help as he was experiencing a loss of confidence. He was encountering numerous challenges and while many were common to start-up’s, his ability to manage them were causing him concern. We discussed the boundaries to his current knowledge and business expertise, identified the gaps and the risks these posed to the success of his enterprise. We discussed the options available to him, defined next steps and he committed to undertaking a number of key actions. He later fed-back his relief at having taken control of the problem and his renewed sense of confidence in his business activities.

Case 5 – You are NOT redundant!

I am really sorry this has happened to you. Redundancy, whether expected or not, can come as a shock. Like all change a redundancy sparks a period of transition and for many this can be deeply unsettling. It can trigger anxiety, depression and “why me”? mentality as well as tremendous sadness – the trust you had for your organisation has gone, along with your social network at the office. You suddenly find yourself alone at home wondering how you are going to get your next job and resurrect your career. What’s more, the clock is ticking, you need to take action and fast.  

Like many people, you may realise that you are unfamiliar, or out of touch with the job market, you may not understand ‘how’ to promote yourself to recruiters and headhunters, your CV may need urgent updating and you may suddenly realise the importance of the LinkedIn network you previously ignored. As well as navigating the job search and application process, your interview skills and techniques may need some polish to help you to present yourself confidently, at a time when your confidence may have taken a knock.  

As coach, I am here to help you to navigate the challenges of redundancy and to recognise that the short-term disruption to your life is just that… short term. You can do great things!

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Case 6 – Interview Technique

A client came to see me following another failed job interview. Having been job-hunting for some time he was starting to feel disillusioned by his lack of progress and frustrated by the constant rejection, which was now also affecting his confidence.  We began our session by exploring his professional background, his career aspirations and his current approach to job search. Reflecting on the feedback he received from prior interviews, we explored his strengths and identified the gaps in his knowledge, skills and experience that may be holding him back. I also provided feedback on his CV and resources to help him better prepare for future interviews and secure his next appointment. 

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Case 7 – Return From Career Break

I met with a lady who had been out of the job market for some years, having taken a career break to focus on her family. With her kids now older she was starting to think about returning to work but simply didn’t know where to begin. Over several sessions we worked on her career plan, looking at her short, medium and long-term career goals and the steps she would need to take to achieve them. Planning to return to work need not be a daunting prospect, with careful planning and support my client made the transition back into the workplace she was seeking, while maintaining the life balance she needed to make that transition successful.

Case 8 – Business Confidant

A client came to see me who was unsure whether he needed coaching or mentoring, but knew he wanted to speak to someone neutral about his challenges at work. Within the coaching context he was able to share his issues confidentially and without the fear of judgement, in doing so he gained important time to think, which helped him to determine his next steps. It is lonely at the top and so as coach I often perform the important role of professional confidant, helping clients achieve clarity and perspective away from the gaze of colleagues and thereby, to retain their cool head, focus and high performance at work.

Case 9 – Surviving a Professional Shipwreck

When plunged into the open ocean of a professional shipwreck it can be helpful to draw upon the advice given to people who find themselves in a real-life shipwreck situation, that is, when plunged suddenly into cold water – don’t panic, float until you adjust to the shock and can breath again. This action will stop you drowning. Similarly, being unexpectedly fired or made redundant can feel like being plunged into the ocean of uncertainty. Don’t panic – let coaching support you and keep you buoyed as you do the work necessary to transition to dry land. As coach, I have worked with many people in exactly this situation, so if this resonates with you, please get in touch.

Case 10 – The Toxic Boss

An executive came to see me who was struggling to deal with a toxic boss, a leader who was pursuing my client on a daily basis, with unreasonable, unpredictable and unprofessional behaviour. Thinking he was to blame, he sought coaching. I helped him to make sense of the situation – which was a clear case of workplace bullying. Together we explored the many career options available to him, as a result he planned his exit, undertook a higher education programme and is now happily pursuing a much more satisfying career path.

Case 11 – The Passive-Aggressive Workplace

Clients in this scenario often report that while everything looks good on the surface of their organisation they just can’t shake this feeling that ‘something’ isn’t quite right. Perhaps you sense an undercurrent of fear or aggression in your company? For example, perhaps you have a colleague who shares just enough information to be helpful, but holds back on the one critical piece that could help you to solve a problem, choosing to take pleasure in your trouble and difficulty instead. Is it me you ask? No, you are working in a passive-aggressive environment and such behaviour is infectious. Coaching can help you make sense of this situation and determine your response, including your future career decisions.

Case 12 – The Working Mother

A working mother came to see me to explore her career options. With three young children, a long commute and mounting childcare costs, the strain of being a working mum was taking it’s toll and she was pondering her ability to ‘have it all’ and whether she even wanted ‘it all’ anyway. It’s true that upon entering motherhood many women (myself included) are dismayed by the work/life juggle and just how challenging this can be in practice. It can leave you tired, anxious, stressed and guilty and that’s even before you’ve arrived at work. Working with my client, I wondered what ‘having it all’ meant to her and whether her focus may need to shift to ‘having enough’ and enjoying life more. We explored her options and in this case she decided to make a soft exit from her full-time employment and transition into a portfolio career which afforded her greater flexibility, and having ditched the daily commute she found she had even more time to be with her young family. 

Case 13 – The Emotional Executive

I recently worked with an executive who was very emotional about her professional situation. Having been made redundant numerous times in the past she was feeling very insecure about her current employment situation. She came to coaching for support and to explore whether it was time to make a career change. Within her professional context we explored her options and a number of strategies she could use to help her to take control of her work and her working environment. Simultaneously, she undertook counselling to address her anxiety issues. The combination of counselling and coaching enabled her to effectively tackle her inner feelings, while taking practical steps to improve her immediate professional situation and formulate a new plan for her future.