Nicola Simpson Executive Coach & Career Coach - You can do great things!
Nicola Simpson Executive Coach & Career Coach – You can do great things!

Executive Coach and Career Coach Pricing

Flexible pricing with single or bulk package options… it’s up to you!

My price list shows all of the London and International coaching fees / costs starting from £175 (US Clients $175) for a single one-off session (one hour) to £575 (US $575) for three sessions Career, Interview, Entrepreneur and Business Coaching packages, £275 (US $275) Executive Coaching single sessions and Outplacement Redundancy Support Coaching starting at £500 (US $500) with affordable tiers up to the high level Executive £2,999 (US $2,999) package. You save time and money working directly with me and the results are quicker. You will also find my Marketing Consultant pricing further below which will be particularly useful if you are an entrepreneur who wants to maximise revenues or if you are just knee deep in a marketing disaster that needs a trouble shooting expert to fix.

I could hide my Executive Coaching or Career Coaching pricing like others and apply a hard sell approach on the so called ‘discovery’ free pre-coaching call or meeting, but, I would rather you knew the pricing in the first place so we can just have a meaningful and productive phone call or meeting where we can discuss your situation without any hidden agendas or ulterior motives. I cannot make you do anything you do not want to do and nor would I want to. Coaching is about me helping YOU make the right decisions for YOU. So here is my price list. I look forward to speaking to you!

“Your coaching process really helped me understand my priorities and set my goals. Most importantly the killer professional profile that you wrote for me gave me the confidence and reminded me that I could do all of that and more!

Flexible options:

Week days/evenings/weekends*** 

City office 35 New Broad Street, London EC2M 1NH which is 1 minute from the Liverpool Street tube station (use the Old Broad Street exit!) and 5 minutes from Moorgate tube station (quickest way is to walk round Finsbury Circus!).

***Weekend sessions are invoiced at 150% weekday equivalent prices.

International Skype sessions (7 days a week***)

Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore Skype coaching (+8 hours) are held in UK mornings and New York Skype coaching (-5 hours) in UK afternoons and early evenings. 

***Weekend international Skype sessions are invoiced at the normal listed weekday equivalent prices to reflect the time zones limited access during the working week.

Single Session, Select a Package or Mix and Match!

My model is transparent and flexible. The packages below provide a guide and a structure. We all need that. However, things change, for example, while you may start with career coaching it may become evident very quickly that it is executive coaching you really need, or vice versa. Alternatively, you may come in for executive coaching and we end up entrepreneur business coaching a new business idea (that is really cool when that happens). Furthermore, you may come in for two sessions, make amazing progress, and then decide a third session is not necessary. That’s great! You save money and I get to help someone else. So, do not worry if there is not a package that is 100% for you. We’ll just make one! The price is the same per hour and pay as you go anyway. Remember, you are in control of your coaching. 

Ask me a question and I will answer it!

Once we have established a coaching relationship you will find that I am always just an email away should you have any questions or want some quick advice that does not really warrant a 60 minute session in the future. I will always answer any questions. Many clients stay in contact after the explicit coaching sessions and many come back at a later date. I will never ignore an email. That is just not my style.

Career Coaching Packages

“I am pleased to inform you that the work we have done together paid off and I was able to land a Director role”

“We must be doing something right. I had been looking for a job on my own for 18 months and nothing!”

  • Duration: Three Sessions
  • London Face to Face and New York, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan Skype Remote Executive Career and Interview Coaching
  • Who: Everyone! Though if you are 22-30 years old you may want to see my special coaching package Early Career Stage (22-30 yr olds) Career Pathway Coaching Programme below. Alternatively, if you were searching for a ‘millennials’ career coach look no further as you have also found one. And, guess what? It is actually exactly the same career coaching as anyone else. I don’t see why you should be treated differently just because you were born in ’80s or ’90s and when the music was better! 
  • Session length: 1 x 90 + 2 x 60 minutes
  • Price: £575 ($575 US Clients) comprising £225 + 2 x £175 (Price includes a pre-call, all materials, CV review and feedback, a post-coaching follow-up call). You can pay per session unless you really want to pay it all upfront. I do not mind.

“I feel like a whole new person. Our sessions gave me the confidence to take on this position and use it to really think about my strengths and ambitions. I’ve rediscovered my love of my career, confidence in my abilities and the importance of company culture to me. It’s wonderful to enjoy what I do again.”

Subject Areas:

  • Highly focused Career Change and Career Acceleration sessions that will answer the three following questions over 3-5 sessions (3 if you put the work in at home and 5 at the most. You definitely do not need 9+ sessions for that!)
  1. Where am I now?
  2. Where do I want to be?
  3. How am I going to get there?
  • Mastering Interview – Your competition is strong and using an executive coach…
  • Facing Redundancy
  • Building a Portfolio Career
  • Returning to work
  • Career Crisis Recovery
  • Post maternity leave 
  • MBA / EMBA Student Career Coaching
  • MBA / EMBA Graduate Career Coaching
  • Something bespoke as requested by the client… (there is not much I have not seen!)

Career Coaching One-Off (On Demand)

“Now I’ve got you!”

“It was incredibly liberating to talk things over with an ‘outside observer’ and really helped me to clarify things in my own mind.”

  • Session length: 60 minutes or 90 minutes
  • Price: £175 ($175 US Clients) or £225 ($225 US Clients) (Price includes all materials and pre-session communications)
  • Who? Everyone! Many people just have a problem or hump they need to get over and one session of impartial, helpful and practical experienced advice is all they need. You can hardly turn to HR as that will normally put you on the radar for all the wrong reasons. I have lost count of the people, for example, who went to their HR to discuss a difficult boss only to find themselves exited within six months thereafter. It could be coping strategies for how to deal with a toxic boss, what to do if one of your subordinates is undermining you or, perhaps, how to handle a big meeting coming up and have someone to role play and practice with. Absolutely anything. Now you have someone to talk to!

Career Coaching – CV / Applications / Presentations Support

  • Session length: 60 minutes (Minimum)
  • Price: £75 ($75 US Clients) then in 15 minute intervals thereafter £19 ($19 U.S. Clients) 
  • Session Length: Minimum 1 hour (clients are charged in 15 minute intervals thereafter).

I provide standalone desk work services to clients who just want me to review and feedback on their job applications, cover letters, CVs, Introductions, elevator pitches or presentations etc. Basically anything you have written that needs a second experienced opinion. To be clear I do not write them. That is on you! Those have to be in your words or the recruiter will see through it. You have to live these documents. My service augments my experienced marketing knowledge with best practice career coaching skills and will advise you on how you can better SELL yourself or create that killer presentation that blows the competition out of the water. You send the documents and I will send back an edited one with track changes advising you on how to materially improve your documents. As a rule a CV will take no longer than one hour.

Coaching Specials

1. Mastering Interview – Your competition is strong and using an executive coach…

“Just to share the good news. I have got a job offer. Thought you’d like to have this feedback about the impact of your coaching. ” 


Be under no illusion you cannot just pitch up to an interview and wing it. There will be competitors who have been well coached. If you want the ‘dream’ job then you are going to have to want it more than your competitors and they really want it which is why they are already using an executive coach. You need to as well. You are going into battle and you need to win. I offer two kinds of sessions Mastering Interview 101 which is an interview skills refresher and Mastering Interview Masterclass which targets an upcoming interview.

If you want the job you are going to have to destroy the opposition. Nice guys and girls always come last. If you are sitting there hoping you will get noticed and rewarded. Forget it. You have to take it and make it YOURS. No more Mr Nice Guy/Girl!

Mastering Interview 101 Session

“it was invaluable advice which allowed me to ace the interview process. Without your clear and concise focus and advice, I would have no doubt been flustered and insecure about my difficult departure explanation” 

“Incredibly helpful feedback.”

  • Session length: 60 minutes
  • Price: £175 ($175 US Clients) (Price includes all materials, pre-session communications and a post-session follow-up call)
  • Face to Face / Skype / Telephone

For those who want to refresh their interviews skills after a long time out of the employment market who may be lacking confidence and want to get back into the zone. This is based on the STAR Interview Method.This is for people who want to prepare for the future so when the right role appears they have the confidence to know that they have already laid down the groundwork. They would then take a Mastering Interview Masterclass session when they get the interview.

“I feel so much more confident about approaching interviews and giving a good account of myself.”

  • Polishing interview skills and techniques – You will learn why you keep failing at interviews despite you thinking that you have prepared as well as possible and learn how to ensure future success – Don’t wait 2 years to find out why you keep missing out!
  • Question practice and performance evaluation – may include video analysis (sorry, I know it is really painful and no one likes it, but, you have to see yourself how others see you and not just rely on how you think they see you).
  • Standard Question Deck – STAR Interview Method Based
  • Converting Introversion into Extroversion
  • Develop positive narratives, for example, to explain gaps in employment, a number of short positions, or a current or previous job that may of gone a bit pear shape

Mastering Interview Masterclass Session

“Your input was really a game changer!”
“All the work we did really helped and I think it definitely made the difference as they mentioned in feedback that I had clearly thought a lot about the role and had prepared.” 

  • Session length: 90 minutes interview coaching (plus 2 hours preparation before and 90 mins developing the unique bespoke question desk after) – 5 hours of my time!
  • Price: £250 ($250 US Clients) (Price includes all materials, pre-session communications and a post-session follow-up call)
  • Face to Face / Skype / Telephone

Perfect preparation for that big interview next week… 

This is a completely customised session tailored exactly to the job role you are being interviewed for. It does not matter if you are going for an MD role or an accounts executive role. It is designed in advance by me accordingly. This is NOT a generic interview coaching session. Every session is unique to the role being applied for. This is what makes my Mastering Interview package different to other more generic interview coaching services that just look at overall interview skills. 

Unique Bespoke Question Deck: I will create a unique and bespoke Question Deck (8-12 pages) especially for your interview that we will work through which will include all my comments and observations and provide space for you to capture your reflections. The deck will cover the STAR Interview Method and all the anticipated questions about the role and provide the answers that an interviewer is looking for. Imagine going into an interview already knowing what you will be asked and what the perfect answers are. Now you can! You will also be able to use this for similar roles going forward. Forewarned is forearmed. Now you are good to go. Time to practise, revise and smash it!

  • Polishing interview skills and techniques – You will learn why you keep failing at interviews despite you thinking that you have prepared as well as possible and learn how to ensure future success
  • Question practice and performance evaluation including video analysis so wear a suit and look sharp you are coming to an interview! 
  • Unique Bespoke Question Deck including STAR Interview Method Responses
  • Presentation development and feedback (if applicable) – If you are asked to deliver a presentation I will help you create one that will blow your competition out of the water!
  • Converting Introversion into Extroversion
  • Develop positive narratives, for example, to explain gaps in employment, a number of short positions, or a current or previous job that may of gone a bit pear shape
  • Cross Cultural TacticsCritical for female Chinese nationals in Hong Kong being interviewed for Executive roles in European or American companies / institutions where the culture is completely different. We will address the key issues so that you are not at a disadvantage to your competitors who are already used to being interviewed by, and working for, these kinds of businesses

Mastering Interview coaching sessions are available at anytime for as many interviews you want to prepare for. Be warned, I have interviewed 100’s of people for jobs so I will research and deconstruct the job description thoroughly for question practice and I will hammer you with fastballs and very difficult questions. It is going to be very uncomfortable for you. Do you want the job or not? The good news is that we will then review your answers and make them even better so you nail the interview. You can do this!

Tailored to client including role specific questions and focus on areas of particular weakness/challenge to build confidence. Depending on your situation you may need several sessions (follow up sessions are priced at £150 per hour).

…and when you get the job you will need the following so you keep it…!

2. Planning your first 90 Days (Executive Coaching)

  • Duration: Single Session
  • Session length: 1 x 90 minutes
  • Price: 1 x £275 (US Clients $275) (Price includes a pre-call, all materials, CV review and feedback, a post-coaching follow-up call).

Starting a new role is risky business, not only are you in transition but so too are your new colleagues, as everyone adjusts to your arrival. Therefore, your first 90-days in post are critical, as you take the steps necessary to lay the foundations for your long-term success. As coach, I accelerate your onboarding, helping you to navigate those critical early days that can quite literally make or break the success of your appointment. Specifically, we work on the following:

  • Building credibility and promoting self
  • Understanding the challenge
  • Avoiding pitfalls
  • How to accelerate your learning and orientation
  • Devising strategy and matching this to your situation
  • How to secure early wins
  • Negotiate success and resources with your new boss
  • Build your team
  • Communicate your vision and stay focused
  • Managing yourself for success

Remember having won the recruitment process, your task now shifts to delivering upon your promise. Be under no illusion, there is no honeymoon period – you must make tangible progress and fast. If you have a bumpy start, results are slow and put direct reports and senior management noses out of joint the clock will be ticking. After 12 months you may think you are safe. You are not and you will not even see it coming. DO NOT be that executive turfed out after 12-18 months (it happens so often) because you did not plan your first 90 days! Sign-up for this essential coaching package now.

3. Early Career Stage (22-30 yr olds) Career Pathway Coaching Programme

“I should have come to see you years ago and got on the right career path”

  • Duration: Two Sessions (you can always have extra sessions if you want, but, if you do the work it only takes two. Over to you!)
  • Session length: 1 x 90 + 1 x 60 minutes
  • Price: £400 ($400 US Clients) comprising £225 + 1 x £175 (Price includes a pre-call, all materials, CV review and feedback, a post-coaching follow-up call).

A two session programme designed specifically for people aged 22-30 years old in the early stage of their career who require some career guidance and career coaching. It is quite common to graduate (congratulations!) and then fall into the first job that comes along and before you know it you are going down a career path a few years later you do not want to, but, you do not know what you have to do to redirect your career and set it on the right pathway. This is where I come in.

You have done the hard part graduating and got the work experience. We will take all these skills and knowledge you have acquired to date and focus on a career path that you do want to follow. But, do not worry if you do not know what career path to follow, that’s why I am here. We will research opportunities, sectors or industries that you may be interested in, identify the jobs that then appeal to you, and then work out what you need to do right now and in the short / mid and long term so that you get on the career pathway you actually want. A job or career is not for life so we are going to change it. Simple.

4. Building Gravitas (Executive Coaching)

  • Duration: Single Session
  • Session length: 1 x 90 minutes
  • Price: £275 ($275 US Clients) (Price includes a pre-call, all materials, CV review and feedback, a post-coaching follow-up call).

A common concern amongst executives is how to build and communicate gravitas. Whether delivering presentations or speaking-up in meetings, recognising that their performance is variable at best often prompts executives to come in for coaching.

Perhaps you have a presentation to deliver and don’t want to miss the opportunity to communicate your knowledge, purpose and passion, or maybe you need help to manage your anxiety, to ensure you communicate confidently every time. We work on building your gravitas from the inside-out, enabling you to deliver the impact you’re seeking. This popular coaching package includes:

  • A self-diagnostic to identify your communication strengths and weaknesses
  • How to use body language and the voice for impact
  • Tools and techniques for managing anxiety
  • How to structure and deliver presentations successfully, avoiding common pitfalls

What is more, the package is tailored to meet your specific needs, enabling you to get results fast.

5. Building Brand YOU!

  • Duration: Single Session
  • Session length: 1 x 90 minutes
  • Price: £300 ($300 US Clients) – additional sessions available if required (Price includes all materials, pre-session communications and a post-session follow-up call)

Who are you? It’s a big question and yet one to which we must all have an answer. Our professional brand is our statement of purpose, vision and mission. It describes not only who we are, and where we are in our career, but also the value and benefits we bring to others through our work. This session is designed to help you to develop your professional brand, by selecting appropriate words, phrases and imagery you will be able to clearly and confidently articulate your brand – authentically. Whether networking, preparing for interview, presentations or pitches being able to communicate your brand is essential. Drawing on my extensive marketing and coaching expertise, this session will help you to define, develop and pitch your professional brand with impact.

In terms of preparation, there will be three exercises that I will ask you to undertake before we meet. These are designed to help identify key skills, strengths, achievements etc. in advance, enabling us to maximise the 90-minutes we have together. We will arrange a 30-minute call so I can brief you on the details of this preparation work. I will also need to receive a copy of your CV and LinkedIn profile. 

The session itself will be delivered in a ‘workshop’ style. Drawing upon the outputs from the pre-work we will work on the development of your value proposition, using a combination of flip-chart work and deep-questioning to bring forward and articulate your unique selling points. Post session, I will use the output to write a professional profile that can be used on your CV and adapted for LinkedIn too (and therefore the cost reflects my additional time invested in developing the profile). I will deliver this via email within five working days. So it’s a fun, creative and productive process that builds confidence and a professional narrative that communicates – Brand You!

As part of the process we will develop your professional profile and when finished you will be reminded of how great you really are when you see it in writing so stop beating yourself up! You can do great things!

Also includes:

  • CV feedback (is your CV keywords optimised for HR software?)
  • Sample CV templates
  • Trouble-shooting
  • How to optimise your LinkedIn Profile 

6. Entrepreneur and Small Business Coaching and Mentoring Package

  • Duration: Five Sessions (recommended, but, you do not have to have five sessions if you do not need them. It’s your business and you will decide what is best for it and what you are prepared to invest to ensure its best chance for success)
  • Session length: 5 x 90 minutes 
  • Price: £225 per session (£1,125 for five sessions)  (Price includes a pre-call, all materials, post-coaching follow-up emails/calls).

Turn that business idea into a business!

I am a strategist. That is what I do. I LOVE strategy and I love marketing. Entrepreneurs, small business owners or one woman/man bands can take advantage of my extensive academic knowledge and experience applying strategy at numerous organisations to develop a winning business plan and strategy for their own business. Working with me means you also get access to my significant marketing skills which is something other business coaches will not be able to provide. With other coaches you may end up with a business plan, but, how are you going to take your product or services to market? I will show you. I have 20 years as a marketing professional managing budgets in excess of £10m p.a. and I also teach marketing to undergraduates part time at Birkbeck, University of London. We have the marketing well covered and good job because we will need to market you and your business.

Please note that these are intense hardworking sessions and you will be put through paces. At times it may be uncomfortable. There will be 100% focus 100% of the time. We will wallpaper my office with flip chart paper as part of the process. It will be worth it as the end result will be very exciting.

After that I can help you as your business grows in the capacity as a business confident/advisor and someone you can confidentially discuss ideas, opportunities and issues with. It is important to realise that you will never be alone.  

7. Business Confidant / Professional Advisor Service

  • Duration: Single Session
  • Session length: 1 x 60 minutes (call, Skype or meeting)
  • Price: £175 ($175 US Clients) – additional sessions available whenever required.

Sometimes we all just need some neutral professional advice from an expert. It could be a difficult decision you need to take or maybe you are under attack at work and need some neutral objective advice. I provide a professional confidant service where clients can meet and discuss an issue they are facing and for which they need experienced advice. Forget asking HR, that will just get your name added to the next jobs cull spreadsheet (there was a time when HR cared about staff and their development. These days they serve one master, the company, and have two functions… hire and fire). Many executives just do not have anyone they can talk to without the fear of judgement or alerting internal competitors. Now you can speak to someone neutral about challenges at work whenever you want. It could be concerns over anticipated conflict and how to manage it for an upcoming big meeting, issues with direct reports or senior management, whether you should take a job offer… anything. It is lonely at the top and so as coach I often perform the important role of professional confidant, helping clients achieve clarity and perspective away from the gaze of colleagues and thereby, to retain their cool head, focus and high performance at work. Imagine making the right decision EVERYTIME! How cool would that be? Now you can.

Executive Coaching

I deliver bespoke 1-to-1 Executive Coaching services to executives. This coaching is confidential (between you and I) and allows you to work on  weaknesses that may be holding you back or, perhaps, to support you during a period of change. Some executives just need a sounding board and neutral party to bounce ideas off or to acquire experienced advice. The advantage is that given it is completely confidential your company will not be aware of you addressing areas that need work in case this could be used as an excuse to penalise you and neither will your internal competition (never let them know!).

  • Support new and emerging leaders as they transition into leadership and senior leadership position
  • Lumina Spark Psychometric Analysis
  • Help manage complex stakeholder relationships
  • Work with individuals on key areas of challenge, such as building confidence and enhancing communication skills
  • Support the on-boarding of mid/senior executives as they tackle their first 90 days
  • To assist during the restructuring of teams
  • Support returning to work after maternity leave
  • Support an Executive moving to an overseas role
  • For those exiting the organisation, I provide bespoke outplacement career and executive coaching support tailored for each individual (as opposed to a generic off the shelf solution)

Option 1:

  • Duration: Single Session
  • Session length: 1 x 90 minutes
  • Price: £275*

Option 2:

  • Duration: Three Sessions
  • Session length: 3 x 90 minutes
  • Price: £825*

Option 3:

  • Duration: Five Sessions
  • Session length: 5 x 90 minutes
  • Price: £1,100* (20% Loyalty Discount)

Option 4:

  • Duration: 10 Sessions
  • Session length: 10 x 90 minutes
  • Price: £2,200* (20% Loyalty Discount)

*Price includes a pre-call, all materials and a post-coaching follow-up call.

I also deliver…

Lumina Spark Psychometric Analysis and Review

  • Duration: Single Session
  • Session length: 1 x 90 minutes
  • Price: £350  ($350 US Clients) includes Lumina Licence Fee 
  • Includes access to the Lumina Spark Analysis Diagnostic Tool and a 40 page report (yours to keep) augmented with my coaching comments and reflections and to your profile via the dedicated iPhone/Android App for instant personal reflection when ever you need it!

Lumina Spark is the next generation of professional development tools supporting individuals, teams and organisations to work more effectively and improve the bottom line. It is unique amongst psychometric tools because it avoids any stereotyping. It provides a highly interactive colourful framework for better self-understanding and helps people identify how to improve their working relationships with others. By applying the Lumina Spark model, learners unlock multiple business benefits. You will receive a report and access to the iPhone/Google App which the former will include my comments and reflections and we will review the report together in a 90 minute follow-up session.

The Lumina Spark is based on the latest Big 5 research paradigm and can also be viewed through the Jungian lens. It does not report on anything that is not specifically measured. Lumina Spark consists of 10 measures and therefore offers a richer interpretation of your personality, preferences and traits compared to other traditional measures (see below) such as Big 5/OCEAN tools which include the NEO and Insights. Tools like Myers-Briggs (MBTI) are dated and put you in a box which is incredibly limiting. For example, Myers-Briggs may tell you are introverted and therefore you are boxed in as an introvert. In reality, you may only be an introvert 60% of the time and, in fact, an extrovert the rest. However, the extrovert in you is lost and you are labelled an introvert and so you walk around telling yourself and everyone else you are an introvert. That is why I work with Lumina because it provides insight without putting you in a box and, with reference to the three personas, it offers a holistic analysis. I was trained at Henley Business School.

The benefits of Lumina Spark vs older dated models: 

Jungian4 measures: Intuition or Sensing / Judging or Perceiving / Introversion or Extroversion / Feeling or Thinking

Big 5/OCEAN 5 measures: Open to Experience / Conscientious / Extraversion / Agreeableness / Neuroticism

Lumina Spark 10 measures: Big Picture Thinking and Down to Earth / Discipline Driven and Inspiration Driven / Extroverted and Introverted / People Focused and Outcome Focused / Risk Reactor and Reward Reactor

Lumina Spark Psychometric Test available at Nicola Simpson Executive Coaching
Lumina Spark Psychometric Test available at Nicola Simpson Executive Coaching

Working with me means you will also get access to your Lumina Spark profile via the excellent iPhone or Android app so that you can always instantly reference it.


Lumina Spark App available at Nicola Simpson Executive Coaching
Lumina Spark App available at Nicola Simpson Executive Coaching

Off-The-Shelf Executive Coaching Programmes

Choose from over 50 off-the-shelf subject areas (each 90 minute session is further tailored to the individual or group). I can also create custom programmes with degree level content (phone for more information): 

Subject Areas (each session 90 minutes)

  • Assertiveness in Action
  • Attention Skills
  • Building Relationships
  • Bullying & Harassment Prevention
  • Communicating Difficult Messages
  • Communication Skills
  • Change Management
  • Change Leadership
  • Creative Thinking
  • Critical Thinking
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Dealing with Anxiety
  • Dealing with Conflict in the Workplace
  • Dealing with Stress
  • Decision Making Skills
  • Diversity in the Workplace
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Generating Leads For Your Organization
  • Hiring ‘Fret For Your Latte’ Millennials and Managing The Entitlement Culture
  • How To Be More Organized and Efficient
  • Influencing Others
  • Instructional Design
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Leadership for Female Executives
  • Leading Meetings
  • Management Skills
  • Managing Upwards
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Mindfulness
  • Motivation
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Networking Skills
  • New Manager Training
  • Occupational Psychology
  • Participating in Meetings
  • Planning for Change
  • Positive Thinking
  • Presentation Skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Productivity
  • Project Management Skills
  • Public Speaking Skills
  • Questioning Skills
  • Risk Management
  • Self Awareness
  • Self Confidence
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Talent Management
  • Team Building & Management
  • Telephone Skills – Cold Calling For a Job
  • The Art & Science of Setting Goals
  • Time Management
  • Wellness
  • Work Ethics
  • Writing Skills
  • Or a Bespoke Executive Coaching Service – tailored according to client requirements

Outplacement / Redundancy Coaching

I am really sorry this has happened you, however, you need to know that You Can Do Great Things! Many companies are prepared to pay for outplacement coaching and it is critical you take advantage of it so that you can recover from this trauma as quickly as possible, move on and get back to work. That said, companies typically have contracts with large outplacement firms that will treat you like a number and put you on a conveyor belt process so everyone can tick the box. These outplacement firms work for the company and not for you. It is important that you insist on your own outplacement coaching service. I have seen people who have had 10 hours+ outplacement coaching already provided by their company and yet when I see them there is still so much to do. That is just wrong.

The Outplacement Companies’ Conveyor Belts

The difference between my outplacement coaching and larger companies is that I believe in face to face sessions. It has to be that way. This is how you come to terms with redundancy and we prepare you for your next role. So called outplacement companies’ portals that simply have a load of embedded Youtube videos showing you how to write a CV or prepare for an interview etc are a complete waste of time. Most people watch those in their pyjamas while drinking a coffee in the morning. Completely pointless. You will achieve more in a 90 minute coaching session than you ever could watching Youtube for a year. They are not personal to you. They do not consider your situation. You are on a conveyor belt and you do not even know it. This is simply a cheap way to push people along the outplacement companies’ conveyor belts as quickly as possible and get you off their books.

You are not a number and I am going to treat you like a human being. And, then you are going to get another job!

Networking is Notworking

Larger outplacement firms will tell you they have networks you can join as a reason to sign up with them for outplacement services. In fact I remain sceptical about the value of this as part of a coaching offering, as the power of any network is dependent upon the quality and relevance of the connections within it. It is my experience that such networks often contain more people looking for jobs than hiring, of course, if there is data to show otherwise (i.e. a positive correlation) then I am happy to stand corrected(!) I advocate clients build their network organically – focusing on building quality rather than quantity of connections. You will need to decide whether hanging out with other people also looking for a job is more important to you than going with the best executive career coach. If you want to join a network then do an Executive MBA.

You still need structure, but, don’t forget to enjoy life!

Career coaching adds structure and stability after a traumatic experience. By having coaching sessions you can relax in between knowing you are doing the right thing. Now you are redundant it is important to maintain a structure, but, also to ensure you have some quality me time while you recover. Go to the gym or take up that hobby you always wanted to knowing that you have the job thing covered with regular career coaching sessions. We will absolutely get you back to work. There is no point beating yourself up daily until then especially as potential recruiters will pick up on that negativity. 

As your executive career coach, I am here to help you to navigate the challenges of redundancy and to recognise that the short-term disruption to your life is just that… short term. 

Gold Service

Number of Face to Face Sessions: THREE

My £500 fixed price package includes 1 x 90 and 2 x 60 minute face to face coaching sessions at my 35 New Broad Street and include a full CV review / LinkedIn Optimisation.  

  • Session 1: What next? Determining your career goals, future aspirations and options
  • Session 2: How will you get there? Job research, working with recruiters, using social media
  • Session 3: How to succeed at interview – Interview skills and techniques, rehearsal and polish

Gold Plus Service

Number of Face to Face Sessions: FIVE

For a fixed price of £900 clients can take advantage of an enhanced Gold package that also includes the following:

  • Interview Coaching 101 (1 x 60 minute coaching session) 
  • Interview Coaching Mastering Session (1 x 90 minute pre-interview coaching session)

Platinum Service

Number of Face to Face Sessions: SEVEN

A £1,500 premium package delivered over an extended period with greater emphasis on getting you back to work quicker with Interview Coaching 101 and targeted Masterclass sessions. Highly recommended for executive level individuals.

  • CV Review & LinkedIn Optimisation (1 x 60 minute session + email feedback)
  • Professional Profile and Brand Development (1 x 60 minute session and includes development of a professional profile)
  • Career Planning and Job Search Strategy (1 x 90 minute + 2 x 60 minute coaching sessions)
  • Interview Coaching 101 (1 x 60 minute coaching session)
  • Interview Coaching Mastering Sessions  (1 x 90 minute pre-interview coaching sessions)

Diamond Service

Number of Face to Face Sessions: THIRTEEN

The £2,999 ultimate package is completely bespoke to the client and includes 13 face to face coaching sessions at my office. The Diamond service is typically paid for by the company and delivered over an extended period. The package will incorporate many aspects of Career Coaching, Interview Coaching and Executive Coaching. This is your chance to get some professional development as part of your redundancy agreement to make you even more marketable to the next company you work for. Highly recommended for executive level individuals.

  • CV Review & LinkedIn Optimisation (1 x 60 minute session + email feedback)
  • Professional Profile and Brand Development (1 x 60 minute session and includes development of a professional profile)
  • Delivering Professional Pitch with Gravitas (2 x 60 minute session)
  • Career Planning (1 x 90 minute + 2 x 60 minute coaching sessions)
  • Job Search Strategy and Implementation (2 x 60 minute session)
  • Interview Coaching 101 (1 x 60 minute coaching session)
  • Interview Coaching Mastering Sessions  (3 x 90 minute pre-interview coaching sessions)
  • Unlimited email/telephone support

Brand / B2B and Direct Marketing Consultant

  • Duration: You decide
  • Price: £1,500 per day / £750 half day.

As if the above was not enough I also act in the capacity of a marketing consultant. You can also take advantage of my significant marketing skills and experience.

  • Entrepreneurs Marketing: I run marketing clinics for entrepreneurs. I love working with entrepreneurs. Their enthusiasm is infectious, the positive attitude brilliant and their ideas great. However, marketing always seems to be the skill they are lacking the most and yet it is the most important. That is if you want to generate maximum revenues.
  • Marketing Consultant: If you need something done fast you can parachute me in and I will execute the task with maximum efficiency.
  • Marketing Trouble Shooter: That said, trouble shooting is really my speciality… this is where I get to develop and apply strategy (something I also love doing). I have come across so many marketing departments that just refuse to change and evolve and continue to do the same thing as “that’s the way it has always been done“. Consequently, there is typically either no staff turnover (bad) or 100% turnover (also bad) and young marketeers leaving the industry dejected, the latter, which really annoys me as someone who teaches marketing to undergraduates at Birkbeck, University of London. That just throttles the business, impacts revenues, stifles innovation and just gets the rest of the stakeholders’ backs up.

However, I can only help companies who want to help themselves and if you are prepared to do that then hire me. If not, please don’t. I have had my fill of companies who say they want to change, I land and I discover that change is the LAST thing they want to do. So, if you have got this far and have a particular marketing challenge or requirement then give me a call and we can have a chat.

No 3 to 6 months lock in!

I avoid the cliché “your investment will be £x thousand” and I do not lock clients into X number of sessions over 3 to 6 months as I believe that in most cases this serves the coach more than the client. A typical client seeking career support or development only needs around 3-5 sessions (if that), results can happen very quickly if you put the work in and I have seen transformations even quicker that have even surprised me. My pricing plan also offers ad hoc executive coach sessions for when required and if not required no one’s time or money is wasted. 

Here is my FREE Interview Survival Kit

Nicola Simpson Executive Coaching Interview Survival Kit 160618 v1.11

Free no obligation pre-coaching call

Enquire today via email or book a FREE NO OBLIGATION pre-coaching call or Skype. You can also pop in for a chat by appointment if you are nearby (at 35 New Broad Street) using the booking form below (please state if you would prefer a meeting in the booking form) selecting a day and time slot that works for you. If none of the slots are convenient please email and I will try and slot you in between one of my coaching sessions. If you are booking from New York, Hong Kong, Singapore or Taiwan please state in the email the time zone you are booking for (thanks!). The more information you leave the more it helps, and, I want you to know you are totally protected by my Privacy Policy. Make the first step for positive change and book a time. It is really easy and I will do the rest. 

You can do great things!

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