Nicola Simpson Executive Coach & Career Coach - You can do great things!
Nicola Simpson Executive Coach & Career Coach – You can do great things!

Nicola Simpson Executive Coach and Career Coach

Whatever reason brought you here today – whether you are seeking to take control of an immediate problem or challenge you may be facing, or wishing to engage an executive coach or a career coach to support your ongoing professional development I can help you. I coach executives at all levels of their professional career and see many executives from a range of sectors, including investment banking, finance, legal, technology, media, marketing, arts & entertainment, charities. I regularly meet new business entrepreneurs, those doing (or considering) an MBA and board directors, business leaders or just someone who wants to sort their career out. The most important thing I want you to know is that I am here and ready to help. You can do great things!

  • Career acceleration and promotion objectives
  • Help you achieve your goals
  • Manage career change. Why do a job you hate? Do one you love!
  • Coping with stressful work environments or redundancy
  • Total confidence recovery
  • Take back control. It is your life and your career
  • Getting back to work
  • Interview coaching – your competition is strong and using an executive coach!

You are not the first person in your current situation and you will not be the last. It is what you do next that counts. See my case studies here.


CORPORATE ENQUIRIES: If you are a HR professional looking for a corporate solution or enquiring about my in-house resident executive coach or £500 outplacement coaching Gold package and Platinum package services please see my corporate page here.

Why work with me?

My coaching approach is grounded in business and management and honed through many years of working with executives of all levels and Board Directors. I have not come to work as an executive coach through a traditional background in HR or Psychotherapy; I have extensive professional experience and continue to work in business consultancy alongside coaching. I understand your professional context and your challenges. This means I can employ both career coach and mentoring skills to achieve your objectives. It is this hybrid of career coaching and mentoring that differentiates my approach to other more generic career coaches.

I am highly educated with three degrees including: a BA (Hons) Business Studies, MA Marketing and an MSc Management and Business Studies Research. In my experience executives want to speak to someone their level who has a strong industry and educated background. Having trained as an Executive Coach at Henley Business School, I work with executives from all business backgrounds as a coach and as a professional confidant (it can be lonely at the top!). And, this is why you would choose me. I also use my marketing experience both academically and business proven as well as coaching skills so that you achieve your objective. Life is marketing and we all need those skills whether it is how you present yourself at an important meeting, what you say in an interview, the narrative you build around an unhappy exit etc it all comes back to marketing. Only this time we are marketing YOU! 

I run a successful coaching practice and I am a resident coach for Warwick Business School Executive MBA (EMBA) students. I also consult for the Institute of Directors, where I am driving innovation and c-suite product development as well as a part time associate lecturer at Birkbeck, University of London (a Russell Group university) where I teach marketing to undergraduates. My business is fully insured, registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), based in the City of London (though I also coach all over the country, especially Manchester and Edinburgh, via FaceTime and Skype).

You can do great things!… but, you will have to work!

Yes, it involves lots of homework! We are dealing with your career and your future after all. You didn’t think we were just going to sit down and have a nice chat every so often and then everything will miraculously resolve itself did you? You will be set tasks and required to reflect on the work that we do together. If you do the work and reflection at home results will be quicker. Simple as that. If you only do the work and reflect in our meetings it takes you longer and is less efficient. While I would be delighted to have more meetings I would rather we achieve your objectives as soon as possible. So, if you are committed the results are faster. Most clients only require 3-5 sessions because they put the after hours work in, hence my flexible model. I have never needed 10 sessions!. The key thing is that YOU are in control of your coaching and the pace.

Just know that I will be there to support and help you all the way and for as long as we share this journey together. This is my promise to you. You can do Great Things! And, you will.

Flexible pricing and no 3 to 6 months lock in!

There is no 3 to 6 months lock in, unlike many other coaches I operate a flexible model, this means that you are in control of what coaching you receive and when you receive it. I operate this model because I really believe coaching should be accessible and transparent for all. Working with me means that you will not buy sessions you do not need, e.g. most of my clients require only 3-5 sessions (if that) to redirect, recover or reinvent with occasional, ad hoc sessions thereafter, as and when at their discretion. Taking back control of your career starts with you taking control of your coaching.

Book a free pre-coaching call or meeting. You can do great things!

You got this far! So, you are already thinking about coaching and choosing the right coach for you is very important. You should know that I operate a two-step process, this means that prior to booking we would schedule a FREE NO OBLIGATION pre-coaching 30 minute call or you can pop in for a chat by appointment if you are nearby (at my Cannon Street office) to determine the ‘goodness of fit’ of my coaching style with your needs. 

Enquire today via email enquiries@nicolasimpson.coach or book a FREE NO OBLIGATION pre-coaching call using the booking form below selecting a day and time slot that works for you (please state if you would prefer a meeting in the booking form). Leave as much or as little detail as you feel comfortable, but, I want you to know you are totally protected by my Privacy Policy. Make the first step for positive change and book a time. It is really easy and I will do the rest. Click here to see my 7 steps to doing Great Things and see what happens next. 

You can do great things!

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